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About the Game

A Robot Named Fight! brings permadeath, procedural generation, and countless quick playthroughs to the Metroidvania genre. Developed solely by Matt Bitner, this game features SNES-inspired graphics, a driving retrowave soundtrack, and environmental storytelling in lieu of cutscenes and dialogue.


A Robot Named Fight! puts you in the role of an anonymous robot defending a robot city under siege by grotesque meat beasts. In any of the over four billion unique runs,  discover randomized items to traverse deeper beneath the surface and gain the powers you need to defeat the Megabeast. Be careful though; death is forever in this roguelike Metroidvania! 

Screenshot of gameplay in A Robot Named Fight.
Screenshot of gameplay in A Robot Named Fight.


Millennia of peace have passed since the mechanical gods ascended, leaving the lower order robots to cultivate the world. But something forgotten and terrible now stirs amidst the stars.


The Megabeast, a pulsating, moon-sized orb of flesh and countless eyes, mouths and reproductive organs, penetrates the stratosphere and spills forth its children unto the world. It is up to you, a lone robot, to fight this unstoppable plague of meat.


You must delve beneath the surface to retrieve the lost artifacts of war-time so that you may become fight enough to face Megabeast. Should you fail, your carcass will be added to the mountains of metal already scraping the sky.


Matt Bitner

A Robot Named Fight! is developed solely by Matt Bitner. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in English and Film, he decided to learn to make games in his free time, with the story of A Robot Named Fight! always in his mind. Completely self-taught, he worked in the industry for four years before dedicating himself full-time to creating the game. He is responsible for the game's code, design, music, and art. He enjoys Super Metroid speed running, Dungeons and Dragons, and noise music.

Kayla Bitner is Matt's wife. She maintains the web presence for A Robot Named Fight! and is marketing manager for Matt Bitner Games. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her dogs, watch speedruns, play Dungeons & Dragons, and cook food for friends.

Kayla Dowdy

Matt Bitner

Kayla Bitner

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